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9 reports about 201-423-4235

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marie vandevelde 13th Jan, 2012+0
A scammer and pond scum
Hojo 2nd Dec, 2011+0
I see the number pop up on ID and don't try to call back to find out waht it is about and the line is busy, everytime I try back.
Ann 29th Nov, 2011+0
constantly called by this number. On national no call list, but it doesn't matter to this caller
none of your busines 27th Nov, 2011+0
Mine was a woman, she picked up a few times but hung up quickly. I've been called 6 times today starting at 7 am central! Called Tmobile customer service and put in a complaint, they said they will look into it.
kelly moss 19th Nov, 2011+0
HAs been calling me telling me that my fiance owes them money and is demanding I give him information about his whereabouts. Very scary for me. Calls himself Adam Smith
Will R. 18th Nov, 2011+0
I didn't answer as caller id indicated only "Florida."
Z 27th Oct, 2011+0
the constant calls with no response or reason are annoying and ridiculous.
Superman 11th Sep, 2011+0
Keep's calling and never leaves a voice mail
d_ice 22nd Jul, 2011+0
make this f***** stop calling me i get phone calls about 3-5 a hour its a fax

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